Guide to New Zealand Snowboarding Holidays

Its probably not great to start off with an apology but here goes… Sorry but this New Zealand snowboarding page has not been written yet. What we can tell you is New Zealand is 8 on most popular snowboard countries list. Although this page has not yet been written scroll down to see if there are been any articles published about New Zealand snowboarding.

Our intention is to only publish information that is useful about snowboarding in New Zealand, we not be one of those frustrating sites that post awful auto-generated text pretending they are knowledgeable. This is auto-generated but hopefully you will forgive us as at least we are being honest about it.

On average we publish 30 new pages each month on We want to be a useful site helping snowboarders to find great information about snowboarding worldwide. If you could help write content for this site either about snowboarding destinations such as this New Zealand snowboard page then drop us a line – if you are good then we might pay you to write more.

We would like to work closely with snowboard companies by posting blogs about snowboarding day trips and courses and of course about snowboarding holidays in New Zealand. If you represent a snowboarding company please get in touch and hopefully we can work together – there are both free and paid options that will help promote your business.


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The best Snowboarding in New Zealand with NZ Tours

The best snowboarding holidays in New Zealand with NZ Snow Tours

New Zealand is arguably the best place to snowboard in the southern hemisphere. With world class terrain parks, half pipes, groomed slopes, off-piste and heli-skiing, you just cant ask for anything more. It’s perfect, but how Read more »
Haka snowboarding tours in New Zealand

Haka snowboarding tours in New Zealand

New Zealand is much more than just hobbits and sheep – it’s blessed with some of the absolute best skiing territory on the planet, along with a background of stunning landscapes. Which is why snowboarding tours Read more »
Summer snowboarding camp in New Zealand

Summer snowboarding camp in New Zealand’s winter

For those who love the European snowboarding season, the summer months can be a bit of a let down. Sure a bit of sun and nice weather is fine, but if you find yourself longing for Read more »

New Zealand snowboard camp in Wanaka

If you want to improve your snowboarding during the summer off season the best way is to head south to take advantage of the southern Hemisphere’s winter season. And if you want a fun and action Read more »

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